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Practical life exercises

Practical life exercises are activities that we do every day and are therefore a matter of course. The child experiences them regularly in its familiar environment and has the opportunity to observe them. How nice it is to let your eager offspring join in! Handling water, for example, is just as much a part of these activities as carrying, opening and closing things. The exercises, as Maria Montessori summarised them, promote children’s coordination and refine their movements. They promote the child’s independence and thus its autonomy in a safe environment. By enrolling, you agree to take part in both modules. You can read more about the reform pedagogue Maria Montessori on the pedagogy page of the International Montessori School Berlin. Here you will also find literature suggestions.


195 €


7 Unterrichtseinheiten


Montessori Kinderhaus KIPSI


24. und 25. Juni 2024

Nicole Hermann - Dozentin an der Montessori Akademie Berlin und Akademie Biberkor

Nicole Hermann


Modul 1

16.30-19.30 Uhr

Modul 2

16.30-19.30 Uhr


Titel: Practical life exercises
Termin: 24. und 25. Juni 2024
Kosten: 195 €