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Team-teaching in bilingual Montessori-education

This workshop focuses on team-teaching in bilingual Montessori schools. We will discuss how teacher teams can best work together in school and pre-school contexts, which models of co-teaching have proven successful, and how tasks and responsibilities can be divided. We will reflect both on advantages and challenges of team-teaching. This workshop will be interactive – we will have discussions and group work. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own experience and bring these into the workshop.


150 €


6 Unterrichtseinheiten


Internationale Montessorischule Berlin


Herbst 2024

Nadine Kolb - Dozentin der Montessori Akademie Berlin - bilinguale Kurse

Dr. Nadine Kolb


Modul 1

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Titel: Team-teaching in bilingual Montessori-education
Termin: Herbst 2024
Kosten: 150 €